Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

The natural cosmetics product line “Il Sodale WineCosmetics” is almost entirely made of substances of natural origin.

The percentage of ” naturalness” of the cosmetic products “Il Sodale Wine Cosmetics”, is always greater than 97% and is represented by a specific symbol on the packaging.

The residual percentage includes essence and preservatives (some of these are also used in food industry) with a secure toxicological profile, which are strictly necessary for the stability of the formulations and for protection from microbiological risk.

The skin absorbs 60% of the substances with which it comes into contact and the “naturalness” of cosmetics is extremely important for our health.

Natural Cosmetics have several advantages:

  • natural substances, compared to the chemical ones, are more similar and more recognizable to our skin, so they have a very low risk of being recognized as ‘foreign’ and thus cause irritation and allergies;
  • help to maintain beauty for a long time thanks to their active ingredients; in this way it is possible to take care of our skin in harmony with nature;
  • they are more biodegradable and less polluting compared to the synthetic substances.

Being natural blend products, they are more delicate and subject to degrade more easily than synthetically derived compounds. Natural cosmetics products “Il Sodale Wine Cosmetics” should be used within 6 months after opening and stored in environments without changes in temperature and away from a direct light.

Dermatologically tested

DO NOT containing surfactants SLS / SLES, silicones, paraffin, dyes, parabens and mineral oils.

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