About Il Sodale – wine tasting

The confidence of drinking a wine of quality.

With our passion and professionalism for the benefit and peace of mind of the connoisseur and occasional wine drinker, we want to guarantee the cultivation, maturation, harvesting, fermentation and ageing of all the wines we select.

Thanks to over twenty years’ experience in cultivating vines and producing wines, together with the professionalism of our team of enologists, we can provide our own specific “protocols” in the whole production process as well as controlling and certifying the entire process from the vineyard right up to the bottled wine.

To make this goal factual we share our philosophy with wine farms and wine cellars located in different geographical areas who work together to produce wines that represent, in the pleasure and mystery of wine tasting, the essence and taste of their land of origin and the sun that be- ams down warmly upon them.

Our management team


Gianmaria Cuniberti Mighetti


Born in Carignano – Italy – on 14/06/1966. Graduated at the University of Turin, Faculty of Economics and Commerce in 1992. Gianmaria has held important roles at multinational companies within the area of Finance and Administration Management. He held the position, for ten years or so, of Administrative and Finance Director and then went on to become Director-General in Italy and abroad for three years. Over the last three years, as an entrepreneur, he has started-up and restructured various initiatives in the industries of construction, wine and Information Technology.


Pier Giorgio Berta


Born in Asti – Italy – on 10/11/1964. Qualified at the renowned Oenology School of Alba in 1984 achieving the Oenologist Diploma in 1996, state recognised as a European university title. From 1984 to 1992 he practiced his profession at various wineries in the Piedmont region and subsequently in 1993 embarked on a professional career as a Winemaker consultant both in Italy and abroad.

Valerio Mondo


Born in Nizza Monferrato – Italy – on 29/09/1970. Qualified at the renowned Oenology School of Alba in 1990. Valerio has always managed the commercial and operational aspects of the family’s Wine Estate. He is a professional Wine Taster at the Chamber of Commerce of Asti and member of the technical committee of wine assessment to award DOC / DOCG status.

Arnaldo Carpi

Tax And Corporate Law Advisor

Born in Parma – Italy – on 26/3/1954. Member of the Italian Professional body of Accountants and Tax advisors, Arnaldo established his own practice in 1995, after previous experiences in auditing and industry. His firm, located in Milano, operates with a team of qualified accountants and tax advisors and experienced staff, advising both local clients and the Italian subsidiaries of foreign multinational groups.



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