Alcohol 11-12% vol. 

Vine Glera 100%

Production Area Province of Treviso

Yield per hectare 9000 litres

Grape Harvest second 10 day period in September

Prosecco Extra Dry


The Prosecco wine is the most elegant ambassador of Italian wine abroad. It was born in the hills around Treviso, where the climate, together with soil characteristics and exposures, predominantly southern slope, makes this area ideal for viticulture. A pleasant climate, so that historically the Venetian nobles loved to spend the summer in these places to escape the heat of the lagoon. The history of Prosecco is an old story that identifies the Prosecco wine known since the Roman Empire. Prosecco comes from Glera vine and is characterized by a brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The aroma is intense, fruity, with notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. It has a flavor with good acidity, fresh flavor, good texture. The taste is pleasant and harmonious. Prosecco can be sipped as an aperitif or in combination with brilliant appetizers, white meats and fish.


The pressed Glera grapes are left to cold macerate for 12-18 hours, followed by soft pressing, the must obtained is made clear by static settling at a temperature of 8-10°C for 12 hours and fermented with selected yeasts at 14-16°C. The wine is then sent to steel pressurised vats where it ferments a second time for approx. 60-90 days at 18°C.


brilliant pale yellow with a greeny glint, intense on the palate, fruity with notes of apple, lemon and pink grapefruit; floral notes of wisteria and orange. Good acidity in the mouth, fresh tasting, good body, pleasant and harmonious on the palate

Gastronomic accompaniments

this sparkling wine can be sipped as an excellent aperitif or to accompany starters in general, white meats and fish.

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