Alcohol 12,5-14% vol  

Vine Primitivo 100%

Production Area vineyards of Salento

Yield per hectare 6300 litres

Grape Harvest First ten day period in September


del Salento

The history of Primitivo is confused at times with the legend. Arrived in Puglia, in all likelihood, from Illyria, over 2000 years ago, the grapes spread in the nineteenth century for the particular susceptibility of these grapes to ripen earlier than the other (hence the name: primativus or primaticcio). The Primitivo wine, growing in Apulia, Salento, is characterized by an intense ruby ​​red color and aromas of blackberry and vanilla. The taste is warm, textured, smooth and enveloping. Primitivo is a powerful wine but elegant and noble. Primitivo goes well with pasta with meat sauce tasty and is great with red meat and cheese at medium and long aging.


intense ruby red with scents of blackberry and vanilla. Warm, optimum structure, well-proportioned and persistent, the sweet, round tannins give great smoothness


Fermented on the skins, with maceration on the skins at a controlled temperature for 10 days. When fermentation is complete, the wine is stored in steel vats, where the malolactic fermentation takes place. It is then racked several times to make the wine clear before being aged, which spans several months during which time the tannins become rounder and the wine acquires structure

Gastronomic accompaniments

pasta dishes with tasty meat sauces, excellent with red meats. Ideal with medium mature and strong cheeses

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