Alcohol 12,5-14% vol.  

Vine Negroamaro 100%

Production Area vineyards of Salento

Yield per hectare 6300 litres

Grape Harvest 15 – 20 September


del Salento

About Negroamaro we recognize its drought resistance, its productive vigor which becomes structure in the wine, the strength of its color and its great opulence, that rewards the hard work of the winemaker. The vine is probably of Greek origin and is grown in Puglia, Salento. Negroamaro has an intense ruby ​​red color with purple hues, aromas of red fruits, cherry and red plum. The taste is balanced with a delicate aftertaste, typical of the grape. Negroamaro goes well with Mediterranean cuisine, including pasta with sauce, soups and medium-aged cheeses.


intense ruby red with purplish glints, hints of red fruits, morello cherry and red plums. A balanced taste of smoothness and alcoholic content, with a delicate aftertaste, incisive, typical of the vine Gastronomic accompaniments accompaniments: Mediterranean cuisine, dishes with sauces, soups and medium mature cheeses.


After pressing and destemming the must is left to macerate for 8-10 days, it is daily punched down to extract the colour and structure at a fermentation temperature of 26°-28°C. Once the fermentation is complete, the wine is left to ferment in a stainless steel vat. Further ageing is always carried out in stainless steel containers until it is bottled

Gastronomic accompaniments

Mediterranean cuisine, dishes with sauces, soups and medium mature cheeses.

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