Moscato Asti


Alcohol 4,5-5,5% vol. 

Vine Moscato 100%

Production Area Provinces of Cuneo and Asti

Yield per hectare 7000 litres

Grape Harvest from 7 to 20 September

Moscato d’Asti


Sweet white wine, characterized by a light natural carbonation keeps the fresh wine aroma with a balanced sweet sensation, combining freshness and moderate alcohol content. Moscato Asti born between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti from the Moscato grape variety is known since ancient times by the name of “greek wine.” Perfume and aromatic flavor, enveloping and intense, with notes of peach, wild berry and orange blossom. Moscato Asti goes well with sweets after a meal and is ideal in times of celebration and at any time of the day.


a fine, plentiful perlage; straw yellow in colour with golden glints. It has an aromatic, pervasive, intense bouquet with notes of peaches and forest fruits and beautiful hints of orange flowers. A sweet and lively taste reminiscent of the olfactory sensations, in perfect balance with the lengthy permanence on the palate.


Handpicked grapes are softly pressed, the must is chilled immediately and stored in refrigerators at -2° C. The must is fermented in autoclaves so the carbon dioxide remains partly dissolved in the wine. When the product reaches 5°C of alcohol content, it is cooled to stop fermentation. The wine is then filtered and cold-sterile bottled.

Gastronomic accompaniments

a sweet and aromatic wine, ideal with after dinner desserts. Ideal for celebrations and at any time of the day

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