Alcohol 12-13% Vol. 

Vine Cortese 100%

Production Area territory of Rovereto di Gavi

Yield per hectare 6000 litres

Grape Harvest from 15 to 25 September



A great white wine from Piedmont produced by the Cortese grape in the province of Alessandria, near the town of Gavi. The Gavi wine is fruity and fragrant with pleasant hints of fresh fruit and white flowers. If harvested early, the Cortese grape offers acid wines, with lightweight color and body, to be consumed in the first three years. The Gavi produced from riper grapes, more structured, can hone a long time in the bottle opening to tertiary aromas and minerals of great elegance. Gavi is the perfect wine as an aperitif or to accompany fish dishes and delicate dishes.


brilliant colour, with light greeny glints. A delicate, fruity and fragrant bouquet with wonderful hints of fresh fruit. A delicate bouquet, fruity and fragrant with lovely hints of fresh fruit and white flowers. It has good body on the palate, well-proportioned, persistent with marked sapidity and balance.


After the whole grapes are soft pressed, the wine is sent to thermo-conditioned stainless steel vats where the alcoholic fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature of approx. 18°C. After natural decanting, it is racked off several times before the onset of winter. At the end of winter it is cold stabilised to avoid the formation of sediments. The wine is bottled in the spring.

Gastronomic accompaniments

a classic wine superb with fish, shellfish and starters in general. Its great structure makes it ideal with dainty first courses

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