Alcohol 12,5-13,5% vol.

Vine at least 85% Sangiovese and other typical Tuscan varietals (Canaiolo, Malvasia del Chianti)

Production Area Comes from a very small area between the provinces of Florence and Siena

Yield per hectare 5000 litres

Grape Harvest from 15 to 30 September



The vite came with the Etruscans in Tuscany . In the Middle Ages the wine became a popular beverage consumption: it was present in all homes , from the wealthy to those of the peasants, who very often used it mixed with water. Chianti was considered a real food and historic sources document that was actually used as a medicine to cure the sick. In the Florence of Giotto and Michelangelo, Chianti also became the wine of the poets and artists and today Chianti is considered as the greatest wines , the most famous wine in the world. Chianti is characterized by a ruby ​​red color with violet hues and subtle nuances of garnet . The scent is broad, fine, elegant , complex, with fruity tones , hints of red fruit and spicy sensations . The palate is soft and balanced, good structure and body. It goes perfectly with typical Tuscan salami, pasta with meat sauce, white meat dishes and aged cheeses. When aged at least 1 year , is indicated for red meats, game and hard cheeses.


Deep ruby red hue with purple undertones, warm reflections and delicate shades of crimson. A fine, elegant, complex and embracing bouquet. Fruited tones. Hints of red fruits and spiced sensations. A smooth initial impression on the palate with a good volume, body and tannic balance. An extremely typical, robust wine, with a good structure and body. Persistent, with a fine, long, fruited aftertaste.


The must slowly ferments on the grape skins for several days so as to extract the salient characteristics of the varietal from the skins themselves. Once this process has terminated, the must is separated from the skins and malolactic fermentation in steel tanks begins. The wine is allowed to briefly age before being bottled without an intermediate period in wooden casks: this allows it to maintain a greater freshness and reveal all the sensorial characteristics of the grapes.

Gastronomic accompaniments

This wine is a perfect match with typical Tuscan sliced meats, first courses with strongly flavoured meat sauces, dishes based on white meats and ripe cheeses. If allowed to age for at least 1 year, it is also good with red meats, game and strongly flavoured, ripe cheese.

Serving temperature

18 -20 degrees



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